Rules Dont Apply
Rules Dont Apply
A brand + experiential production house too strange to be conquered. Est. 2017. Based in Brooklyn.

experiential services INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:
creating installations, designing parties, launching products, getting stuck in zero gravity chambers, punching holes in things.

Head of experiential + strategy: Vanessa newman



Evian Water

Live young

In culminating Evian’s idea of “Live Young” with the birth, and rebirth, of hip hop we orchestrated a youthful, inhibition/responsibility-free party campaign based off of the Netflix series “The Get Down,” a mix of 80s and 90s flare (b-boys, old school hits, vinyl turntables, live graffiti that read “Live Young”) with a luxury touch (hip hop dancers in tuxedos, evian water served in champagne flutes). Polaroid stations allowed attendees to take photos and post to social media, where evian and #LiveFree was automatically included in the captions. To distribute party invitations, there were street activations throughout New York City that looked like street performers-- DJs, dancers, singers, emcees, etc. These 80s inspired street artists performed and engaged with the audience by asking them if instead of tips, they could tweet “If I could live 10 years younger, I would get down by doing_____. #LiveYoung” which then resulted in the participant being handed a bottle of evian water, which contained the address, date, and time to the Live Young/Get Down party. This activation resulted in a significant uptick in first time and returning evian water drinkers, as well as a heightened social media presence across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 



Nike Air Force 1/Air Jordan



To honor the Air Force 1 and celebrate it's relaunch, being named after the President's plane, we installed a plane hangar on the floor of ComplexCon. The interior was a pop up shop decorated with graffiti sprayed 80s decor and vintage iconic sneakers, including the AF1's for sale. We also installed a giant trampoline with a foam pit area underneath a basketball hoop to let attendees try on the legendary sneakers and jump off the trampoline and attempt to dunk onto the hoop. With this, hosted a Dunk Challenge with six influencers, in honor of the "Original 6" Air Force 1 basketball players.

Air Jordan

We attacked Air Jordan at ComplexCon guerrilla style by dispersing product through multiple on-the-hour shoe drops using drones. Because Air Jordan's slogan was originally "Air in a Box," we also built a mobile anti-gravity chamber inside of a truck, old school bus, or tank, that made a secret pop-up appearance outside of ComplexCon every few hours, where consumers tried on the new Air Jordan's while floating in the chamber and taking selfies.




Mark Anthony Green

Art basel

The invitation to GQ Style Guy's, Mark Anthony Green, Art Basel Miami exhibition immersed the five senses. Tastemakers, celebrities, and influential Art Basel attendees received an invitation in the form of a vanilla-scented vinyl. The cover of the vinyl was all white, with a solid rectangular color block in the middle. The color block was heat activated, and by the touch of the recipients finger, the color faded and turn into another color, revealing a message “Play Me”. The all white record was then played to hear the invitation details, which was also printed directly on the record.






Essence Festival

Pass The Coke
As a continued nod to Coke’s ongoing “Share A Coke” campaign, festival attendees stopped by the Coca-Cola sponsored booth and were prompted to download the Coke Festival app. Attendees then grabbed a coke or two and the app dropped a pin on their map to direct them to another user, with the app, to go share a coke with a stranger. A built in selfie cam allowed users to post directly to social their “share a coke with a stranger" selfie. The incentive to download the app was that during the main nighttime performance, one attendee’s phone dropped a pin on the stage, allowing them to go on stage and take a selfie with the performing artist.

Family Tree(house)
For Coke at Essence Festival, we designed a Family Tree(house)-- an air conditioned, eco-friendly solace for attendees to take a break from the crowd and heat and share a coke, but also a taste of nostalgia. The space was filled with traditionally black family pastimes: a table for spades, soul food bites, a partnership with a beauty brand for a quick hair touch up on a stool, etc. The centerpiece was a family photo wall, composed of digital albums, where people took selfies with their cokes and became a part of this wall of ever changing photos. During the nighttime performance, this compilation of photos were showcased in a touching display on the main stage. The treehouse was also used to throw gatherings throughout the day, such as double dutch competitions, an electric slide flash mob, a dance-off, and/or day parties.






To appeal even deeper to Apple loyalists and the creative class, we broke into the DSRL camera market. In building Apple's own DSLR camera, the distinguishing difference was an automatic upload to the cloud, eliminating the need for a memory card. The camera is only compatible with Macs and iPhones, and photos are immediately be captured and stored into the user's iPhoto and/or Cloud. For many modern-day creatives who need to create, edit, and upload crisp, quality content for their own personal brands and professional work on the go, this product is a win. 





JBL Charge 3

floating pool party

To launch the JBL Charge 3, we threw an immersive floating pool party/concert. The concert took place on a giant platform in the shape of a "3" sitting on the Hudson River. Around the perimeter of the concert was an illuminated lazy river, lined with floating JBL Charge 3 speakers amplifying the performing acts. The concert was composed of three electronic based musicians/DJ acts, Louis The Child, Flume, and Major Lazer. Hpnotiq partnered as a drink sponsor, providing their signature half blue, half yellow "Incredible Hulk" cocktail, playing off the electric concept of "charge" meets "water." There was an aquarium photo booth tank where guests took underwater selfies with the Charge 3 speaker.






nap-sized mattress

In an effort to create a direct marketing campaign for new adopters to try the mattresses without the commitment of ordering one to their home or having access to visit one of Casper's pop-up shops, why not bring the sample to the consumer? We packaged 10"x10" mini mattresses to send out to influencers' workplace, where they were encouraged to test out Casper by laying their head on this "face mattress" and taking a nap at their desk. Each sample came beautifully packaged with a communication card, including a discount to try a full mattress in-home. 



Please note: These are all entirely conceptual case studies highly within our range of execution.